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Share Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony

Share Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony for acquisition of Capital Trust Group Ltd. by Power-All Networks Ltd. at nominal value of NZD 1 per share for total of 4,951,650,000 shares on 28th August 2019.

Power-All Networks is a subsidiary of Foxconn (one of the largest computer related ODM manufacturer in the world), R& D center of Inter-Cloud computing technology. PA owns multiple advanced technology, our mission is to build the World-Wide Cloud and Inter-Cloud Eco System. PA established in 2003 and has devoting in developing Inter-Cloud Eco System, PA is one of the largest neutral proxy operators with more than 100 cloud sites in operation, over 300 sites to be built across multiple regions.

Suchon Chaleekrua as eye-witness on this signing ceremony which held at Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit (สุชน ชาลีเครือ อดีตประธานวุฒิสภาเป็นสักขีพยานพิธีลงนาม)

Power-All Networks Ltd. considered that Capital Trust Group Limited’s NZD 14.1 billion fully paid share valuation at nominal value of NZD 1 per share is a fair valuation. (Valuation Report / 10 Pages ; )

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