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Announcement of PCP consortium in providing 150+ million verified users

The “Mother of Sharing” Data Bank paves the way for the “individually shared value” Internet to come.

Key words: Decentralized control, distributed data, distributed ownership and distributed sharing.

The PCP consortium jointly announced the first “Meta Sharing” or “Mother of Sharing” Data Bank with initial “deposit” of data from150 million verified users. This Data Bank is based on a new data model for creating special unicorns (unique, fast growing companies with high profitability from data) in the teething Internet spaces of Web 3.0, Metaverses and Pan Meta-verses.

Companies are pressed in search of mega trends and killer applications without much convergence so far in the above spaces, all of which are aiming at decentralized control, distributed data and distributed sharing. This aim seemingly is trying to put a wedge into the current monopolies, which control the web and the user data in the web. This wedge, if successful, is the tinder of fire for starting a blazing change on Internet. The “Meta Sharing” Data Bank is a part of the wedge.

The Meta Sharing Data Bank will attract data “deposits” and transform the deposited data into external searchable data while maintaining the privacy of the data owners. Just like regular bank depositors who get interest for their money deposit, data owners “deposit” their data into the Meta Sharing Data Bank and receive a portion of the profits the Meta Sharing Data Bank obtains from the external users of these deposited data. The most important part this sharing process is to strictly maintain privacy of the data owners. In another word, the Data bank acts as a bridge between the data owners and data users. Data users pay for the data, and data owners and the Data Bank earn from the payments of the data users. The “Meta Sharing” Data Bank is the “bridge of hope” to the “individual value sharing” Internet to come, opening up possibilities for mega trends and killer apps in the Web 3.0/4.0/5.0…. ecosystems, Metaverse and Pan Metaverse spaces.

A new paradigm demands a new data model. In this new paradigm, computing is moved to the data, instead of gathering data to a centralized computing site, as in the conventional model. In the new data model, the creators of the data always maintain the ownership of the data. The Users of data do not “move” these data owned by someone else. Instead, data users “move” their data usage actions to the locations of the data storage. The data storage locations are the locations where the data are created, which are the locations chosen by the data owners. Some examples of the data creators are the Internet users, web users, or online or physical store customers. User data are inherently distributed, and the control of the user data is inherently decentralized. The Data Bank is here to facilitate and make sure the access to the data is following a set of rules to ensure data owners get paid for and privacy of the owners of these data gets protected. The new data model and the “Meta Sharing” Data Bank is the guardian angel of inherently distributed user data, inherently decentralized user control, inherently distributed privacy and inherently distributed sharing for the “individually shared value” Internet to come.

User data are generated when a user participates in an online or a physical activity. This activity gets recorded either by the user self or by a centralized platform. When the user is recording the activity, usually the user is utilizing some kind of online platforms, most of which, if not all of which, are centralized.

Now there is an opportunity with the new organization of Web, be it Web 3.0/4.0/5.0, be it Metaverse, or whatever, with which the user gains back control of the user data, which is generated by the user in the first place.

Individual data, stored “individually” (i.e. distributed), and owned by individuals, but are pooled together to form “mass” to counter the online monopolies. This newly formed “mass” is bridged to the data user and the profits get distributed back to the rightful owner.

As a conclusion, The “ Meta Sharing” Data Bank becomes the path pacer for Web 3.0, Metaverses and Pan Meta-verses to achieve the “individually shared value” Internet with decentralized control, distributed data, distributed ownership and distributed sharing all the way from web sites down to a single entity such as a Metaverse or an individual user on Internet.

The PCP consortium consists of three companies, Power-All Networks (PAN), Capital Trust Group (CTG) and Para Sharing Multimedia (PSM).

Power-All Networks (PAN), a subsidiary of Foxconn, is a serial pioneer in technology/De Facto Standards and is a Meta (Mother) Unicorn by itself, breeding and feeding new unicorns in all kinds of industries basing on its patents and engineering know how including but not limited to inter-cloud computing and Block Chains etc. Currently, the company is the pioneer of Pan Metaverse and a Web 3.0/4.0/5.0….. De Facto ecosystems. Foxconn is a leading worldwide ODM and product technology company with over 70,000 patents. Hon Hai, its holding company, is listed as no. 22 in the 2021 Fortune 500 ranking of the largest corporations in the world.

Capital Trust Group (CTG) is a leading financial trading platform with over 400,000 financial instruments being listed and traded on the platform. CTG’s mass produced EdTech platform is the world’s leading educational platform on financial trading education in teaching people how to build investment portfolio like professionals e.g. Harvard/Yale/MIT endowments, Temasek Holdings, Soros Fund Management, AIA Group, Government Pension Fund Thailand etc. CTG successfully secured agreement with a listed firm in Hong Kong Exchanges "Vestate Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1386) " to use CTG Platform in launching of online stock trading challenge in order to create a big data of global investor network. ( )

Para Sharing Multimedia (PSM) is a big data company, specializing in building, analyzing and mining online private communities. PSM is the creator and the owner of the original private online communities totaling 150 million verified users and is one of the three founders of the PCP consortium for the “Meta Sharing” Data Bank. Currently, PSM is a collaborator with Tencent Corporation to build online private communities and is a “specially invited” operation partner of Tencent QQ small world. Tencent Corporation is the commanding Internet leader in China.




PCP财团联合宣布了首个“元共享”或“共享之母”数据库,其初始数据“存款”来自1.5亿验证用户。该数据库基于一种新的数据模型,用于在Web 3.0、元宇宙和泛元宇宙的新兴互联网空间中创建特殊的独角兽(独特、快速增长的公司,从数据中获得高利润)。





现在有了一个新的Web组织的机会,无论是Web 3.0/4.0/5.0,无论是Metaverse,还是任何其他,用户都可以重新控制用户数据,这些数据首先由用户生成。


“元共享”数据库成为Web 3.0、元宇宙和泛元宇宙实现“个人共享价值”互联网的路径领跑者,通过分散控制、分布式数据、分布式所有权和分布式共享,从网站到单个实体,如元宇宙或互联网上的个人用户。

PCP财团由三家公司组成,即Power All Networks(PAN)、Capital Trust Group(CTG)和Para Shareing Multimedia(PSM)。

富士康的子公司 Power All Networks(PAN) 是技术与事实标准方面一个连环先锋,本身就是一个元(母)独角兽,基于其专利和工程技术,在各种行业培育和喂养新的独角兽。目前,包括但不限于云间计算和区块链等,该公司是泛元宇宙和Web 3.0/4.0/5.0……事实上的生态系统的先驱。富士康是全球领先的ODM和产品技术公司,拥有超过70000项专利。其控股公司鸿海集团在202指数中排名第22位

Capital Trust Group(CTG)是领先的金融交易平台,超过40万种金融工具在该平台上上市和交易。CTG大规模生产的EdTech平台是全球领先的金融交易教育平台。( )

Para Shareing Multimedia(PSM)是一家大数据公司,专门从事构建、分析和挖掘在线私人社区。PSM是原始私人在线社区的创建者和所有者,共有1.5亿验证用户,是“元共享”数据库PCP联盟的三位创始人之一。目前,PSM与腾讯公司合作建立在线私人社区,是腾讯QQ小世界的“特邀”运营合作伙伴。腾讯公司是中国领先的互联网公司。

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