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Stablecoins on Your Platform

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Allow your users to settle transactions in real-time, 24/7, outside of traditional banking hours

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Use your branded stablecoin to facilitate payments for goods & services more efficiently with reduced FX friction & fees



Allow users to hold USD on your platform  without requiring a USD bank account

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Use CTG to Build Your Stablecoin

As the creators of the industry’s first Stablecoin fully reserved at Swiss Bank and can be monitored 24/7, USD Telegraphic Transfer (USTT), CTG has unique expertise in the market as escrow agent. Our white-labeled Stablecoin as a Service offering lets partners leverage that expertise to create their own stablecoins quickly and securely.

Dollar-Backed Digital Assets

CTG serves as custodian for the only cash reserves at Swiss Bank backing your stablecoin, ensuring that the reserves are held with economic security, confidentiality, and asset protection and can be fully monitored 24/7 and not on a monthly basis like other Stablecoins.

Stablecoin as a Service

More than 100 billion dollars worth of USD-backed stablecoins in circulation as of 2022 as per

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